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ISO 14000

ISO 14000 is a set of internationally recognised voluntary environmental standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Amsterdam.  These standards are flexible in delivery and do not specify environmental performance requirements.  ISO 14000 standards simply set general requirements for organisations to meet. 

There are several standards in the ISO 14000 series which are outlined in the proceeding pages. These are standards relating to:

Organisational risk management - ISO 14001, ISO 14004, ISO 14005, ISO 14006, ISO 14015, ISO 14061 and ISO 14063;

Environmental labelling - ISO 14020, ISO 14021, ISO 14024 and ISO 14025;

Environmental performance - ISO 14031, ISO 14032, ISO 14033 and ISO 14034;

Life cycle assessment - ISO 14040, ISO 14041, ISO 14042, ISO 14043, ISO 14044, ISO 14045, ISO 14046, ISO 14047, ISO 14048, ISO 14049, ISO 14051, ISO 14062, ISO 14071, ISO 14072, ISO 14073, ISO 21929-1 and ISO Guide 64;

Environmental terms and definitions - ISO 14050;

Greenhouse gas and carbon footprinting - ISO 14064, ISO 14065, ISO 14066, ISO 14067 and ISO 14069;

Auditing of management systems - ISO 19011; and

Energy management systems and audits - ISO 50001, ISO 50002, ISO 50003, ISO 50004, ISO 50006 and ISO 50015.

ISO 14001 differs from ISO 14000. This is because ISO 14000 refers to the standards of the environmental management series while ISO 14001 is the document containing the EMS requirements. For general independent information regarding ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems refer to www.ISO14001.com.au.


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